We are your Regulatory and Quality Assurance Representatives in Brazil.

We offer Regulatory and Quality Assurance guidance and insight for the cosmetics, nutrition products, health products, and medical devices industries at each stage of the product registration and life-cycle management.

As requested by the Brazilian Health Authority - ANVISA - our company EZ Health Ltda. will be your Registration Holder, which is required for your products to be importer and distributed in Brazil.

Our Licenses comprise Import, Export, Inventory, and Distribution of:

  • Personal Care, Hygiene and Cosmetic Products

  • Medical Supplies & Equipment

  • IVD Supplies & Kits
  • Dietary Supplements, Probiotics, Vitamins
  • Food and Beverage with Nutritional Claims

  • Personal Protective Equipment & Materials

  • Biocides, Sanitizers & Repellents


Featured Capabilities

Brazilian Registration Holder
Host of Product Information File
Product Labeling, Localization, and Design
Formulation Revision and Localization
Claims and Consumer Advertising